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Laser Hair Removal

How it Works?

  • A focused ray of light is shined on your hair. The pigment in your hair absorbs this light, and because there is just enough energy in the light, the follicle of the hair gets damaged. It no longer can grow.

Does it work?

  • Yes, and it can be a great enhancement to your life as well: a source of freedom and beauty. But in order to have effective and long-lasting results, two requirements must be met:

    1 - A highly trained physician must oversee the procedure, ensuring that hair follicles are subjected to precise amounts of energy so that long-term hair growth retardation is achieved, without damaging the patient's skin in any way. Finding this balance absolutely requires the skilled oversight of a trained medical doctor.
    2 - A proper laser must used. Many corner shops and strip malls claim to offer laser hair removal. In the end they are trying to turn a profit by charging you as much as possible and spending as little as possible on the laser equipment. As such, these locations are not supervised by medical doctors, and they use antiquated laser technology. This translates into you spending more money because you'll need MORE hair removal sessions, and your hair will start growing back far sooner. Also the procedure itself could be riskier, and skin burns can occur.

    At Luminous Laser MD, your care is overseen by a medical doctor and our laser technology is always cutting edge, ensuring a safe and luxurious experience.

Is it safe?

  • Complications absolutely can arise when laser hair removal is not done under a medical doctor's care. We strongly urge patients to be aware of these risks, which include burns and permanent scarring.

    At Luminous Laser MD, however, your care is expertly monitored by a highly trained physician, Dr. Ammar M. Hindi. Not only does this qualified oversight ensure an completely safe experience, it also ensures long-lasting, worthwhile results.

    Unfortunately, there is not much regulation on who can perform laser hair removal, and so there many untrained, underqualified businesses out there whose sole focus is on turning a profit. Further, these facilities do not understand the medical physiology of lasers, and so often either use inferior laser machines, or set those too low or too high. Too low, and hair grows back very quickly, requiring re=treatement. Or too high, causing skin burning and scarring.

    So for the sake of great results and the safety of your skin, trust only the best. Trust Luminous Laser MD -- where luxury, quality, and satisfaction are all gauranteed.

Does it hurt?

  • Each patient's skin is different, and it takes the oversight of a highly trained medical professional to achieve the optimal laser settings and techniques for each skin type. When done under such expert care, laser hair removal should feel like nothing more than a delicate pinch.

    Sadly, many patients are deceived by poorly trained, profit-seeking businesses into thinking laser hair removal will be completely pain free. It must be remembered, however, that in this procedure, the hair follicle must be obliterated. Undertrained businesses which deceive patients in such a way secretly lower the settings on their lasers because they're afraid of damaging the patient's skin. They simply aren't trained enough to have the medical confidencee necessary to optimally set the laser based upon each patient's unique skin composition. This however, doesn't get at the hair, which grows back very rapidly if treated in such a way. Patients deceived in such a manner end up going to a some spa and paying hundreds of dollars for results that are no better than a clean shave.

    On the other hand, there are those under-qualified, under-trained businesses which are more ethically daring, and tempt patients into thinking they can get the long-lasting hair results achieved only by medically trained professionals. In order to this, they boost up the laser settings. Not having the years of medical schooling and training to understand the compositions and behaviors of differing skins under laser therapies, these facilities often hurt their patients, and the procedure itself can be agonizing and painful.

    Unfortunately, many states do not regulate the medical aesthetics industry as other industries are regulated. This results in danger and pain for patients who initially just wanted a simple procedure to help acheive their full beauty potential.

    Yet at Luminous Laser MD, a board certified physician participates in your care from beginning to end, ensuring a safe, luxurious experience.

Why Luminous Laser?

  • 1 - Dr. Hindi

    Fellowship Trained
    Dr. Hindi has attained the highest levels of training with not only one, but two fellowship trainings. The first fellowship Vascular and Interventional Radiology, and the second is Advanced Body Imaging.

    What is a Vascular/Interventional Radiologist?
    A Medical Doctor (M.D.), who is a master of minimally invasive procedures throughout the body, including varicose veins of all levels of complexity. A Master of imaging technologies and radiation safety.

    Certified by the National Laser Institute in Advanced Injectables (Botox and fillers). Completed 15 Credit hours at the Masters of Aesthetics national conference Member, The American College of Phlebology Cynosure Certified in Laser Safety and Laser Science

    2 - Our Principles

    The premier medical aesthetics clinic in Plano, Texas, Luminous Laser is dedicated to the best, most luxurious skin care possible. From laser hair removal, varicose vein therapy, or skin rejuvination, we set the standards for treating patients with respect, and making sure your needs and wants are satisfied.

    Our quality assurance procedures are second to none, and we are wholly devoted to the highest standards of medical ethics.

    3 - Our Mission of Empowerment

    Empowering you, by looking and feeling your best.
    Empowering our team members.
    Empowering our local community.

    Luminous Laser -- where luxury, quality, and satisfaction are all gauranteed.