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Skin Rejuvination

How it Works?

  • Among the many skin rejuvination therapies we offer is microdermabrasion.

    Microdermabrasion is like an instant face lift. By using tiny rough grains of crystals to buff away the surface layer of skin, new, fresh skin is allowed to grow in its place. The results can be drastic, greatly enhancing a patients beauty in a very quick manner.

Does it work?

  • Yes, and it can be a great enhancement to your skin's appearance.

    As time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult for the skin to slough off the outermost layer and allow for fresher, baby smooth skin to shine through. Although this has been known for a long time and many therapies have come and gone that try to help the underlying layer of skin shine through, no therapy has proven as effective and safe as microdermabrasion.

    We at Luminous Laser MD are so proud to offer this service for our patients.

Is it safe?

  • Complications absolutely can arise when bodily procedure is not done under a medical doctor's care, even microdermabrasion. We strongly urge patients to be aware of these risks, which skin irritation and potential scarring

    At Luminous Laser MD, however, your care is expertly monitored by a highly trained physician, Dr. Ammar M. Hindi. Not only does this qualified oversight ensure an completely safe experience, it also ensures long-lasting, worthwhile results.

Does it hurt?

  • Microdermabrasion exfoliates dead cells from the skin’s surface. It is not painful, but can cause slight warmth as the abrasive crystals gently slough away old and damaged layers of skin. Many patients liken the sensation to receiving a facial massage.

    After microdermabrasion, the new layer of skin is more delicate, requiring enchanced sun protection. Wear sunscreens and apply moisturizing cream to hydrate and calm the skin in order to prevent irritation. We will guide you on the best products.

Why Luminous Laser?

  • 1 - Dr. Hindi

    Fellowship Trained
    Dr. Hindi has attained the highest levels of training with not only one, but two fellowship trainings. The first fellowship Vascular and Interventional Radiology, and the second is Advanced Body Imaging.

    What is a Vascular/Interventional Radiologist?
    A Medical Doctor (M.D.), who is a master of minimally invasive procedures throughout the body, including varicose veins of all levels of complexity. A Master of imaging technologies and radiation safety.

    Certified by the National Laser Institute in Advanced Injectables (Botox and fillers). Completed 15 Credit hours at the Masters of Aesthetics national conference Member, The American College of Phlebology Cynosure Certified in Laser Safety and Laser Science

    2 - Our Principles

    The premier medical aesthetics clinic in Plano, Texas, Luminous Laser is dedicated to the best, most luxurious skin care possible. From laser hair removal, varicose vein therapy, or skin rejuvination, we set the standards for treating patients with respect, and making sure your needs and wants are satisfied.

    Our quality assurance procedures are second to none, and we are wholly devoted to the highest standards of medical ethics.

    3 - Our Mission of Empowerment

    Empowering you, by looking and feeling your best.
    Empowering our team members.
    Empowering our local community.

    Luminous Laser -- where luxury, quality, and satisfaction are all gauranteed.